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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 07:59 PM UTC

The election is tomorrow

A long campaign season ends with the election tomorrow. Huge amounts of money were spent trying to convince the people what is best for us. My mailbox has been littered with more campaign advertising than I have ever seen before. Since the Citizens United decision, unlimited spending has been allowed in campaigns, much of it can be kept secret. The result has been that the wealthy have been given a much greater voice in trying to convince the people to vote for their candidates or causes.

Big money interests are trying to steal control of our country from the people. Likewise, big religion is trying to force everyone to adhere to their religious beliefs in the name of religious freedom. And through it all, campaigns are filled with lies, dishonesty and deceit. Names are selected for organizations to suggest that they are for something different than the true intent.

In the Citizens United decision, the Supreme Court decided that money is a form of speech that can not be abridged. It also ruled that corporations are people. The organization, Citizens United, claims on their web site to be "Dedicated To Restoring Our Government to Citizens' Control." In fact, they are dedicated to the idea that corporations are people. Corporations are not people. What is next, a corporation running for president?

Our democracy is at risk. Big money and big religion interests are getting ever more powerful. The goal is to wrest control from the people.

Mitt Romney says that we should elect him because he knows how to create jobs. David Stockman, Reagan's budget director, disagrees. He wrote in Newsweek that he destroyed more jobs than he created, and that those jobs that he did create were part-time or minimum wage jobs. Romney gained his wealth as a gambler and a leech. He was not a productive member of society, but he did manage to sweep available money into his pocket.

Here in Michigan, billionaire Matty Moroun doesn't want competition for his Ambassador Bridge between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. So he has bankrolled a group that calls itself "The People Should Decide." Of course, it is not about the people deciding. Rather, it is about any possible obstruction to the construction of the new bridge. Lies are their method. They repeatedly talk about the money that Michigan Residents will have to pay for the bridge, despite the fact that the construction will be paid for entirely by the Canadian government. They say that a new bridge is not needed; that the current bridge is adequate. Yet the bridge company started to build a new span and would still be building it if they had not been stopped because they had not followed the required procedures and gotten the necessary approvals on either side of the border.


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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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The election is tomorrow
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